Our animals

Oméga Parc counts over 15 species of animals within several different environments such as the forest, the meadow, the mountain, the lakes and boreal region. We invite you to make a first contact with our animals!

Our animals in The Meadow - Parc Oméga

This extended region of western Canada is well represented at Parc Oméga, discover the wildlife of this stunning region.

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Our animals in The forest - Parc Oméga

Come across the spectacular landscape of our Canadian forest and observe numerous species such as deer and other species. Composed of a variety of conifer and hardwood trees this region changes its sumptuous green décor to orange during fall season.

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Our animals in The Mountain - Parc Oméga

The Canadian Shield represents one of our greatest natural resources where we may observe several species relaxing in the sun such as the Alpine ibex, which adapts very easily to this region.

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Our animals in The lake - Parc Oméga

Water, a significant natural resource in Canada is very present in Parc Oméga. Within this natural wealth we may find a variety of species that migrate here each year. Our lake and forest regions are like heaven for all these species.

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Our animals in Boreal Region - Parc Oméga

An interesting variety of species may be found in this northern part of Canada, you will notice that animal life is very present within the boreal region and well represented during your visit here at Parc Oméga.

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