Zone 4: First Nations trail

The First Nations trail, either winter or summer you may stroll and enjoy the history of 11 of the First Nations of Quebec, visualizing totems made by a Native American artist. Throughout your visit it will be possible to observe wild deer. They are not shy and will wait impatiently for our carrots.

Summer season

  • Take advantage of a picnic near the water, near Tipi shaped shelters or longhouses to the sound of a lovely waterfall.
  • This trail will take you around a lake crowded with trout that you can feed.

Winter season

  • Dress warmly and bring your snowshoes for a quick gateway in the forest.
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L'allée des arbres qui parlent - Zone 4 : Sentier des premières nations - Parc Oméga

The path of talking trees

Totems made by Algonquian artist, Denis Charrette, representing each of the first nations and a series of Inukshuks illustrate the intimate relationship between aboriginal peoples, nature and the fabulous legends which founded their culture.

Oiseau Tonnerre - Zone 4 : Sentier des premières nationsn - Parc Oméga

The Thunderbird

The Thunderbird, a symbolic emblem often represented in first nation groups, marks the end of the trail, when passing under his wings you will benefit from its powerful protection.

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